Manning Custom proudly offers two levels of superior quality overhauls for all woodwind instruments.

Complete professional overhaul


Complete overhauls come with a three year service warranty.

The complete overhaul has every feature of a basic overhaul plus a complete mechanical reconstruction of the instrument.

There is a certain amount of play or movement in the key mechanism of all woodwinds when they leave the factory. This is due to mass production techniques. It is not possible for a factory that produces thousands of units per year to take the necessary time to perfect the mechanism. At Manning Custom, we take the necessary time to ensure that the key mechanism of your instrument is performing up to its maximum capability. We fit each key to its respective hinge rod or pivot screws using techniques developed by Michael Manning. The difference in feel of an instrument that has had a proper mechanical reconstruction versus one that has not is dramatic.

Basic Overhaul Process

    • Complete disassemble of the instrument
    • Removal of all pads, corks, felts, and adjustments
    • Chemically cleaned
    • All pads, corks, felts, and adjustments replaced
    • Necessary springs replaced
    • Proper oiling, adjustment, and play-testing
    • All Basic Overhauls come with a one year service warranty.

Playing Condition (PC) repairs

Manning Custom Woodwinds Inc. also offers repair services for instruments that are not performing at their best, but may not need an overhaul. Routine maintenance is needed for woodwind instruments due to changes causes by weather and use. Our goal is to repair your instrument in a way that will last months, not days. We assess the instrument and give a quote for the repair costs before we proceed. We never go over our quoted price. Please contact us for an appointment if you think your instrument is not performing at its best.

Features by Instruments


  • Manning Custom Pads. Our hand-made kangaroo leather pad provides durability and seal that is unmatched.
  • Manning Custom Resonators. Hand-made copper resonators ensure a colorful, warm tone. Over 60 sizes guarantees uniform coverage for each tone-hole.


  • Customer choice of high quality cork, skin, leather or synthetic pads in top joint.
  • Customer choice of high quality skin, leather, or synthetic pads in bottom joint.
  • All tenon corks replaced.
  • All cracks repaired (additional charge may apply.)


  • Customer choice of high quality skin or synthetic pad.
  • All necessary dent work (additional charge may apply.)

Oboe and Bassoon

  • Customer choice of high quality skin or leather pad.
  • All necessary dent work (additional charge may apply.)

Mouthpiece Services

Whether you are looking for a new mouthpiece, or trying to get a little more out of your current piece, Michael Manning offers one-on-one consultations to help address your mouthpiece needs. With a philosophy of “do as little harm as possible” Michael listens closely to the customer to help them find what they are looking for in a mouthpiece. Extreme care is taken to not go too far too fast. Often, several appointments will be necessary to make small adjustments over time until the desired result is achieved. If you would like to set up an appointment for a consultation, please contact us.

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