"I have been in the music business now for 30+ years. I've seen sax cases come and go....and ones always "claiming" to be the best. Well now, that "claim" has been backed up! Mike Manning Custom Woodwind Cases are the best cases that I've seen in over 30 years of professional playing. Manning is the first case manufacturer that actually "gets it"! In order for your saxes to be protected to the utmost, the protection must start from the "inside" of the case by having absolutely NO internal movement. Not only is the case a perfect fit, the quality of materials used to make the case are literally second to none! If you want the best and most protective case made on the market today, then look no further....Manning Custom Cases are YOUR answer! An absolute MUST for the traveling musician, or ANY musician that cares about their saxophone!"

- Jaared Arosemena

Features Include

- Strong Frames
- Superior Hinges and Latches
- High-Quality Fiberglas Finish
- Responsive Interior Padding and Support
- Lifetime Warranty

Manning Custom Woodwinds Inc. offers a line of in-house, handmade cases. The vast majority of damage to woodwind instruments comes from movement inside the case. If the instrument is not being held securely, it will shake and wobble each and every time you handle the case. Over time, this can lead to dramatic damage to the instrument. Our cases are custom fit to the individual instruments that they house. After years of perfecting, we can confidently say that our cases are without equal.

In order to complete a case, we must be in possession of your instrument(s) for two nights.

Available for Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone, Double Tenor-soprano, and Double Alto-soprano.

All cases come with a lifetime warranty.


- Custom fitted interior. Every case is a unique creation. Once completed, it will only fit the instruments used in the process. Several types and densities of foam are used in the construction of our cases, ensuring that the instrument is held perfectly without the possibility of movement, while protecting the delicate moving parts.

- Molded fiberglass shell. Several layers of high grade fiberglass and resin creates a shell that is extremely durable and light. Each shell is hand made using molds created in house specifically to achieve our desired shape.

- Special Stainless steel latches. No other manufacturer uses a latch of this quality on their case. Each latch contains a spring that applies 30 lbs of pressure once closed. The latches can withstand tremendous impact without opening.

- Stainless steel hardware. All hardware is hand installed using stainless steel bolts, washers, and nuts. We never use cheap aluminum rivets in the construction of our cases.

- Rubber tongue-and-groove trim. This feature allows the two halves of the case to join together in a water tight bond. The flexibility of the material means is can withstand impact after impact without the functionality of the case being effected.

- Continuous hinge backing. This long single hinge on the spine of our cases provides extra support.

- Special grip handles. Each handle is machine sown in house and installed to the case with stainless steel D-rings.

- Backpack straps. For great comfort and ease of use, two straps are installed on each case. Each strap is machine sewn on location and features welded steel d-rings and special plastic slides which prevent the strap form twisting and bunching. The straps are connected to the case with welded stainless steel d-rings. A metal plate is used as backing for each connection point, insuring that the hardware will never unexpectedly come apart.

Case Rebuilds

Manning Custom also specializes in complete case rebuilds. In this process we strip an existing case down to its shell, reinforce it and reconstruct it using our hardware and techniques. With this approach, we can create a case for any combination of instruments that will fit in the shell. If you have a creative combination you would like to have a case for, this service may be right for you.

Case Repair

We also repair cases that have been damaged. Whether it is a crack in the shell, or lost hardware, we can find a solution to your problem. Please contact us for an appointment.

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