You will find all your custom accessory needs right here.

Neck Straps

Manning Custom Woodwinds Inc. carries in-house neck straps made to the highest standards of quality. Not only are our neck straps functional and beautiful, but they will change the way your instrument sounds. Crazy? It’s for real.

Features include:

  • Patent pending adjustment slide created by Michael Manning to ensure the strap will not slip during use.
  • A choice between a medium and large brass clip-hook. These hooks will not come open during use.
  • The substantial brass hook provides resonance material which contributes to the change in sound.
  • Professional grade parachute chord. Designed for use with parachutes, this chord will not break or fray.
  • Military gauge suede strapping. Ultra-durable but comfortable, this strapping will last a lifetime.

All Straps come with an unlimited lifetime warranty.

Clarinet Barrels

Manning Custom Woodwinds Inc. offers a line of handmade clarinet barrels using a variety of exotic woods.┬áThe barrel is a vital component to any clarinet’s tone and intonation. Finding a barrel that works for the individual player and instrument can literally resurrect a clarinet that was once considered useless.

Features include:

  • Moennig taper. The standard for all professional clarinets. Creates the tonal qualities and intonation that top clarinetists demand.
  • A unique shape that not only provides aesthetic beauty, but allows for extra resonance of the material.
  • Carbon fiber bands. A technique exclusive to Manning Custom, these bands ensure the product will never crack at the tenons.
  • A large selection of exotic woods provides a range of aesthetic and tonal possibilities.
  • A range of lengths to meet the requirements of any performance setting.
  • All barrels come with an unlimited lifetime warranty.