“So, I received the Low C Bass safely and it is fantastic! I was able to spend a little time on it at home when I first received it and I immediately found that that it played amazingly evenly throughout the entire range. I didn’t find any stuffy points across the break like there are on my Selmer low Eb. Also, the intonation is spot on. On my Selmer I typically have to bring the throat tones up in pitch a little as they a pretty flat, but the intonation on your Low C is great and I don’t have to make any adjustments at all. The modifications (extensions) that you made to the RH thumb keys (low C, C# & D) are very comfortable and the keyword throughout feels very solid and precise.

I was able to try it “on the gig” this past weekend and several of the musicians in the sax section and also the trombone section commented on how good my Bass Clarinet playing sounded, not knowing that I had a new horn!”

-Alex Jackson

Custom Made Woodwinds

Saxophones available in soprano, alto, tenor, low Bb Bartione, and low A baritone.

Manning Custom Woodwinds Inc. proudly offers a line of hand-built saxophones. Representing a lifetime goal, these instruments bring together the depth of sound of the great vintage saxophones and the ergonomic feel of today’s modern horns. Made with the strictest mechanical tolerances in the world today, each instrument vibrates as a single unit, rather than a collection of loose parts. The unique un-lacquered brush finish gives these saxophones a timeless look and appeal. Backed by Manning Custom’s customer service and warranty, our saxophones can bring your playing to the next level.

Features include:

  • Two necks. The neck is so vital to tone and intonation that we provide two necks of the customer’s choosing with each saxophone we produce.
  • Metal touches. Each of our saxophones comes with copper or silver key touches. The technique of using metal touches was common in the mid to late 1800’s when the saxophone was first mass produced. We have updated this lost technique to help achieve our goal of the saxophone vibrating as a single unit.
  • Un-lacquered brush finish. This beautiful finish gives the horn a timeless look while allowing it to vibrate freely without the deadening quality of today’s thick epoxy lacquers.
  • Manning Custom Pads. Our in-house Kangaroo pads are each made by hand. They are far more durable than standard brown leather pads, and provide a perfect seal.
  • Manning Custom resonators. Our hand made resonators not only boost the sound, but provide added warmth and color to the saxophone’s tone. With over 60 sizes of resonator, we ensure that each tone hole receives uniform coverage. Saxophone’s come standard with copper resonators. For additional cost, customer’s can choose from silver, brass, nickel-silver, and steel.
  • Manning Custom Case.

Manning Custom Woodwinds Inc. offers a line of in-house, handmade cases. The vast majority of damage to woodwind instruments comes from movement inside the case. If the instrument is not being held securely, it will shake and wobble each and every time you handle the case. Over time, this can lead to dramatic damage to the instrument. Our cases are custom fit to the individual instruments that they house. After years of perfecting, we can confidently say that our cases are without equal.
In order to complete a case, we must be in possession of your instrument(s) for two nights.
Available for Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone, Double Tenor-soprano, and Double Alto-soprano.
All cases come with a lifetime warranty.

Additonal Features:

Lifetime warranty on all keys, posts, hinge rods and pivot screws.
Five year warranty on all pads, corks, felts, and adjustments.
All repair work after the initial five year period is discounted 50% for the lifetime of the instrument.